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Camogli side table

The delicate shapes and rounded edges of the tables are reminiscent of the smoothness of stones that have been washed over by water for years. The piece takes its name from the fascinating town in Liguria facing gulf Paradiso, but the carefully studied proportions and subtle linear graphic insert tracing its circumference draw inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of Suiseki, where stones with particular profiles found in the sea, rivers, or lakes are arranged in harmonious and refined ways. The complements, which is made by hand, is covered with a surface of natural oxides and embellished with a linear-geometric resin insert finished with metallic powder or pigments. The wheels allow for easy movement but do not interfere with the formal purity of the piece thus making Camogli a flexible element when decorating a space.


W 45 cm
H 25 cm
W 60 cm
H 25 cm
P 75 cm
H 25 cm



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Via santa maria alla porta 7
Milano Italia