Her brand Antes Design was founded in 2016. The brand name is the result of the union of her initials. Her modern furniture reflects her image and essence, like in a mirror. Hers is a collection of design furniture conceived for highly original home decoration.Thanks to her strong creative grit, each piece in the collection offers custom-made solutions that resonate with the charm and uniqueness of haute couture combined with contaminations from far-way worlds. Antonella Tesei’s consolidated experience in the world of design is furthermore characterised by the ability to conceive each piece of luxury furniture as a miniaturised piece of architecture, with proportions and sizes that are suitable for various environments. Her essence, her pure spirit and her emotional intelligence are “carved” into every detail of her creations, which are authentic jewels made by hand by Italian craftsmen and the outcome of an attentive and evocative creative journey.
Dettaglio tavolo di lusso Antes Design

Antonella Tesei

Confident and sensitive, eclectic and rigorous, constantly seeking for new forms of matter that can strike a balance between past, present and future. Milanese Antonella Tesei has 30 years of experience in various industries: from graphic design to architecture, from interior design to product design.

Via santa maria alla porta 7
Milano Italia